Choosing your Air Carrier for your Flight to Paris

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Too bad Jet Blue doesn’t have flights to Paris, but they don’t. Over the years, we have flown with United, US Air, Continental, American and Air France. For this most recent trip, we opted for Air France out of JFK.

Jet Blue deserves mention for the flight attendants with the best sense of humor (we are dimming the lights in the cabin to improve the look of your surroundings including those seated next to you). I was dozing during the security instructions when they get to the part about securing your own oxygen mask before those of your children (and it sounded strangely like securing something completely different from mask-but then I was dozing- when everyone started laughing – think I do know what was said, but I’m not going to repeat this – you’ll have to take a Jet Blue flight to listen for yourself. But until Jet Blue decides to take its humorous flight attendants on a world tour, Air France can’t be beat for sheer courtesy aka politesse.


From the first ‘bonsoir, Madame, bonsoir Messieur, to the last ‘Au revoir, Madame, Au revoir Messieur, the service in ‘steerage class’ is beyond reproach (in our experience). Add to this the fact that dinner is served with a ‘real knife’ and one is not reduced to the humiliation of trying to slice beef with a plastic knife. Best of all, there is no class distinction when it comes to happily plying the crowd with champagne, wine – and after dinner drinks (how about a little cognac, sir to finish off your meal?) – all FREE OF CHARGE!!! Granted the champagne may not be the kind you’d opt for once you’ve arrived in France – but it will do as a holdover.

The pilot kept in communication with the passengers when there were delays on the runway. He not only informed us that there was a delay but explained in detail the reason why we were delayed. Passengers who were late for their connecting flights were automatically rerouted to later flights before they even exited from the aircraft. They were informed of their new flights numbers and flight times as we taxied into CDG airport. In the past, we used to fly with US AIR because their flights landed in smaller city hubs and I preferred flying in smaller planes.

We have noted in recent years that flight staff on many major airlines offer just the modicum of service and rarely with a smile. Granted, they don’t have much to smile about. Overworked and under-appreciated, to be sure. But, until the ‘dinosaurs’, as Travel Insider refers to these major goliaths, find a solution, you might want to spend your travel dollars on flights that tend to be friendlier and definitely bubblier.

2 thoughts on “Choosing your Air Carrier for your Flight to Paris

  • Linda

    We are traveling to France this Summer and my husband insisted that we fly Air France. It’s refreshing to see a positive review. We could have booked other carriers but he said that for my first overseas trip the experience would be something I’ll never forget. Looks like he was right!!! Now if I can only find something positive about CDG airport :-).

  • parisgirl

    Yes. What can I say about CDG that’s positive? If you are fortunate enough to arrive on a day that’s not a strike day (!) baggage usually comes through in a timely fashion. Your first customs check could take a while depending on how many flights are coming in. There is a line for EU passports and a line for outside EU meaning the rest of the world including the USA. Sadly, in recent years the customs posts have been understaffed (the same is in UK, but not quite as bad), but all in general, the process is very organized and once you get your luggage, you can normally get through to the main lobby without any additional formalities (you do pass through one final customs exit, but this is usually very quick. Find out which shuttle brings you closest to your hotel (Air France Car Porte Maillot/Etoile, or Roissy bus (Opera) or the RER B line. Or take a cab (which you should catch at the taxi line-up (don’t accept any offers from people in the airport lobby!). CDG may not be as modern as some airports (but neither is Kennedy!). The most important thing is to have a good landing – everything else is icing on the cake. Hope you have a great flight and lots champagne!

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