Booking Tickets to Paris

You may be wary about booking tickets over the internet. (You’re probably more likely to get your credit card info stolen from your local chain shoe store. So it’s time to simplify your life by booking online.

In some of my past posts, I’ve included links to BNALL’s international airfare site. Today I used it! This was my experience:

If you’re like me, when you call up a toll-free number – you never know where you are geographically at the other end – more often than not – Delhi. In this case, you are dealing with offices located in Oregon and Washington states. You don’t need to send credit card information over the internet. You can fax it instead. However you will need to sign an authorization of the transaction and include a copy of your drivers’ license and your credit card in the fax.

I had never done this with other online air ticket purchases so was a little leary about doing this until I had called and confirmed with the BNALL folks that was standard stuff.




Here are some other things you need to know. The rates posted seem unbelievably good. They are good because this is February – the perfect time to go to Paris. Who else goes to Paris in February, so why not you? The Icelandair flight out of JFK is listed as $240 round trip. But you must remember to add fuel surcharges and airport taxes which will bring that number up over $500. If you’re like me, you probably hate the nickel and dime routine. Just the bottom line, please!!

Rather than going with Icelandair, I opted for Air France to take advantage of their travel within 30 days price -( apparently it doesn’t matter if you stay one day or thirty days, the price is the same, according to an Air France rep).

Alan (at BNALL) booked the Air France flight for me at app $100 less than I would have paid if I had booked directly through Air France. I think Alan did a good job of finding me a good price. Unfortunately, I’ll be flying in mid-April which will be high season. (One thing that would be nice with online booking is a little bit more camaraderie. Rather than referring to people as Sir, Ms, Mrs, – maybe too formal?)(How about ‘Hey, you’re going to Paris! Cool.)

Here is another thing to know if you’re booking Air France, have your Visa Card ready if you have one because there’s an ADDITIONAL fee (app $20 per passenger) for using either Mastercard or Amex and they don’t even accept Discover cards.

Once you start the booking process you need to fax your authorization and copies of your DL and credit card within an hour to secure the quoted price. These are non refundable e-tickets.
If any of this makes you uncomfortable i.e. using e-tickets, etc. I need to tell you the story about my paper tickets that were mailed to our home address and they very nearly went out in the recycling bin (and I won’t tell you who threw them in) so e-tickets definitely do have their good points.

Other online companies I’ve used in the past were Jet Blue. Never any problem with Jet Blue and a French company called (which is handy if you’re in France already and using Euros.)
Happy ticket shopping.