Second Chance – Hotel de Duc de Lauzun

Duc de Lauzun makes a surprise appearance

Photo by Mme Soleranski ©2007
Those of you who were out of town for the May 10th visit to the Hotel de Lauzun now have another opportunity to visit the ‘Petit Versailles’ which is normally closed to the public.

This visit will be organized on June 14th. Reservations must be made in advance by calling:
01 42 78 14 96. You will meet your guide in front of #17 Quai d’Anjou, Ile St. Louis, Metro: Pont Marie




The tour, conducted in French, is thorough and thoroughly enjoyable. Admission is !5 Euros per person, well worth every centime.

I ‘ve already raved about the interior of this hotel particulier. Here’s a little bit of trivia about the Duke de Lauzun. He was great pals with James II of England, James Stuart, King of Scotland, ireland and Duke of Normandy. As you may know from your history books (or wikipedia) James II or James VII of Scotland was run out of town. He tried to make a comeback, gathering together an army in Ireland (with the Duc de Lauzun joining him for this misadventure) James II for his unheroic retreat from Ireland back to France earned himself the title “James the Shit” by his Irish soldiers.

Trivia Question for the Day:
Where might you find James II’s brain?