Qi Gong at Luxembourg

The ever-changing Luxembourg Gardens is a good place to practice Qi Gong – take advantage of the current art exhibit incorporating the Luxembourg’s statuary of famous women of France to learn the names of each statue! (more on this in a future post!)

Today Robert and I headed over to the Luxembourg Gardens to practice Qi Gong. When Robert isn’t translating, he’s studying Chinese – or practicing Qi Gong – we met through Mathew, who’s a student of Master Wu in Kunming. Mathew is hoping to make Master Wu’s practice known to the world – so we are doing our part by practicing in the Luxembourg Gardens today right across from the Statue of Liberty. I had found a particularly velvety patch of grass where we were able to practice for about an hour (barefoot even, the grass was so soft) until a policeman came by and ever so politely asked us to get off the grass. No whistle blowing, none whatsoever. We had just finished. It was perfect timing.




The Keep off the Grass ruling in the Luxembourg Gardens depends on where you happen to be – there are parts of the gardens where you can sit on the grass – you just observe where everyone else happens to be – and you’ll be fine.

On the way to the gardens, we stopped at the Edgar Quinet market where a man was selling honey that he and his father gather in Saintes (not far from La Rochelle). The vendor told us that he and his son will be traveling to the US and he’s looking to do an apartment exchange with someone in New York City or San Francisco (he wants to show his son both coasts) He has an apartment in Paris and a place in Saintes (which is also a gorgeous part of France to visit). So, if you live in New York or San Francisco and you’re thinking about coming to France, here’s an opportunity. You can find him at the Edgar Quinet Metro exit (His stand is on the median directly opposite the Metro exit – Saturdays and every other Wednesday).