Montmartre Hunger

Maybe it’s climbing all those steps, or thinking about all the starving artists who have tried to eke out an existence in Montmartre – but when visitors come to Montmartre, they pause to look at the terrific Paris panorama from the front steps of Sacre Choeur, and realize, within a short time, that they are ravenous.
They invariably wander toward Place du Tertre and make the mistake of sitting at one of the tables in the square – this is perfectly fine if you haven’t eaten for days and anything would taste good, you just can’t walk another step, or you’re so madly in love that you could care less what you eat – and you just want to be sitting outside on a warm spring evening, absorbing the ambiance of this still mesmerizing Paris neighborhood.
If, on the other hand, you consider yourself somewhat jaded, after having hiked up the hill, I strongly suggest you start walking back down the hill in the direction of a small street called Rue Veron, Metro: Abbesses.
Here, you’ll find Le Restaurant (also listed in Nouvel Obs’ top 400 ‘in spots’). When I first went there to try out the food described by one guidebook as ‘insolite’ or unusual, it was no disappointment. Where else might you expect to find pig’s cheeks on the menu? But seriously speaking, Le Restaurant produces ‘fun food’ in a very relaxed setting.
It sure beats eating stale pizza on the top of the hill while dodging pigeon pea-shooting ‘artists’.
“You know, Hemingway ate pigeons!,” one of these bearded surly looking artists reminded me as he took a second shot at a pigeon.
Le Restaurant, 32, Rue Veron. Metro: Abbesses. Bring your Plan de Paris with you!