Gorgeous Guys (and Beautiful Women) in Paris and the Best Neighborhoods to See Them

dsc03864.jpgMy friend at Amsterdam Logue laments the fact today that Amsterdam hasn’t made the list of Top 12 Places to see beautiful people. He also mentioned that he would argue the fact that Paris deserves its Trip Adviser rating as one of the top places to see beautiful people. So, I’m on a ‘crusade’ of sorts to track down the best neighborhoods in Paris to simply savor the delight of beauty in motion.

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Until today, I would have agreed with my friend that generally speaking, I don’t find the Left Bank to be overrun with ‘beautiful people’ but today during my walk to a neighborhood butcher shop in the Val de Grace neighborhood, I met Cedric who was just in the process of parking his ‘moto’ when I asked if he’d agree to have his photo posted on this site as the ‘plus beau mec du quartier’.

Rue St. Jacques (Metro: Pont Royal RER) is the old Roman route which if you continue to follow its axis, will take you straight to Rome. (Rome was the other city listed as having the best-looking locals). One of the reasons you’re likely to find extremely attractive Parisians in the Val de Grace neighborhood is its proximity to the universities. Plenty of students live and work here, but natural beauty is one thing in life that really can’t be bought – Mother Nature sees fit to distribute her bounty to people of all races and all classes.

If you’re wondering if the Val-de-Grace neighborhood has attractive women as well – the answer is ‘yes’. The only reason there aren’t (as of yet) photos is your Parislogue reporter’s reticence to stop strangers (particularly women) in the streets of Paris. (Especially when I’ve forgotten my business cards!) However when the opportunity arises, I will definitely do my best to show why Paris deserves its rating as a city of ‘beautiful people’. My definition here being ‘natural beauty’, not the airbrushed formula served up for the ‘publicite’.



Begin your walk through the neighborhood at the Metro stop: Metro: Port Royal (RER) corner of Blvd. Montparnasse and Blvd. Port Royal. Walk three blocks over to Rue St. Jacques which runs parallel to Blvd. St. Michel. Continue walking on Rue St. Jacques to Pantheon and La Sorbonne. You’ll find plenty of good restaurants, bars, and cafes along Rue St. Jacques and some very attractive people. Bonne promenade!

By the way, another city that didn’t make that rating for 12 places for most beautiful people was Seoul, Korea. If you haven’t seen Seoul’s beautiful people, you should. Don’t bother asking to take photos of any of the women you should encounter there. They’ll tell you that ‘they’re busy’.

Look for more ‘random photos of Beautiful People’ in upcoming posts (as I meet Parisians who so kindly agree to spontaneous photos). Thanks, Cedric!

Photos: Modern frescos over
Remnants of old Paris

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photo at the top: Cedric, “Le plus beau mec du quartier,” by Chris Card Fuller 2008

6 thoughts on “Gorgeous Guys (and Beautiful Women) in Paris and the Best Neighborhoods to See Them

  • Mary

    What a fun project! Don’t sidestep those elderly folks who have the “beauty of all seasons”.

  • Parisgirl

    No chance of sidestepping. A 97-year-old veteran just about tumbled into my lap on the bus coming back from Notre Dame. He was managing to around quite well – but let’s face it- trying to maintain your balance as a bus stops and starts isn’t easy. Paris is a great place to grow old. The last veteran from WORLD WAR I just passed away at AGE 110! (He lived on the Left Bank (Kremlin Bicetre).

  • Roger

    Wow, this is going to be a fun series and I’ll be watching closely. I won’t be back in Amsterdam for a few months, but now it looks like I’ll have a challenge to photograph some of the beautiful Dutch people when I get there. You’ll have a big head start, Paris Girl, but game on!

  • Parisgirl Post author

    As I said ‘challenge’ is one English word that’s made it big into current French language – the big question is – will I be up to this challenge from Amsterdam’s expert? I may have a head start but Roger, you’ve got the experience! BTW when do you get to Amsterdam just so I can be prepared for the barrage of beautiful Dutch photos? (and I assume we’re not talking tulips?)

  • Mary

    I had read about the last WWI French veteran who just died. I’m going to the Left Bank when I retire! And I’m going to watch the beautiful people in Paris. When I’m through with Paris, it’s off to Amsterdam! Better yet, why wait until I’m retired!

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