Will the Real Segolene and the Real Sarkozy please stand up?

You’ve got to love French presidential elections. Will we be so fortunate in the US to get treated to similar U. S. candidates’ video ‘slice of life’ moments? We’re not talking Academy Awards or a Palm d’Or, but talk about viewership. The numbers are phenomenal. Wow. Segolene/Sarkozy’s viewership ratings would make some Hollywood stars envious. You can can check out these videos which were posted today on Le Figaro.

The theme is “The Real Sarkozy” and “The Real Segolene”.
The Segolene video catches Mme Royale in some royal gaffes and those moments that people really hate to have on tape when they lose their cool – hey it happens to us all. It just goes to show that that this is the real stuff.




Daily Motion is the company where these videos were originally posted – I’ve noted that at least one of the three videos (the most controversial has already been pulled off of the Figaro site). Daily Motion is the French answer to You Tube. With 16 million viewers, it is definitely cookin’.