Sending Diapers, Not Guns

Finally some good news in yesterday’s Le Figaro. Delphine de Mallevoue reports that even babies have ‘restos du coeur’ the name for the ‘soup kitchens’ that in this case offer babies and the very often single Moms ‘un coup de pouce’ or a helping hand with yogurts, meals especially for babies, advice and diapers thanks to Procter & Gamble.

Procter & Gamble has donated 6 million diapers which is half of the 12 million diapers provided at the Bebe Restos du coeur. The Paris branch is located actually in Asnieres which is a northern suburb of Paris. I am really happy to see that an American company is doing something positive to help kids. Taking care of single moms and their kids may be the best way to fight crime (and terrorism). As a friend who speaks from some very tough life experiences said, only loving parents and kindness to kids when they’re young can make a difference. Prison reform, wars on crime, etc. – it’s too little, too late, and ineffective.
Tend to the children.