Paris Street Fashion

So, this is the look: A loose fitting black jacket. Grey skirt. Black or grey opaque stockings and black boots. One of the Metro passengers, I interviewed assured me that the best place in town to get a good haircut was in the Marais district. “There’s plenty of salons there.”

You’ll still see the occasional faux leopard jacket, but the streamlined black woolen coats or trenchcoats with a dash of color – often the color chosen will be hot pink – is what you’re likely to see this winter on Paris streets.


Metallic handbags? More of those are in shop windows than on the street.
Shorts and opaque stockings. Short shorts – especially at Cafe Six. Leggings.
Women here seemed to be tired of wearing severely cut pantsuits.

But it’s still nice to stay warm. That’s where a tall pair of leather boots comes in very handy.

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  • kelsey b.

    okay,so we’re doing this project from school, okay?, well, i’m in this group with a bunch of nerds and it sucks but, its like “oh well” you know? Well, anyways, I really need some good info on how Paris Street fashion came to be so i can get a good grade and not fail because my other 2 group members are doing a very very bad poster and i NEED to pass this class or i’ll fail so someone help me please?? thanks alot you can e-mail me if you have any info, i’m at
    ——-kelsey b. 8th grade Des Moines, Iowa

  • Parisgirl Post author

    about Paris street fashion – how did it get started? Are there any street fashion experts out there? Let’s help Kelsey get a good mark for her school project.

    When I use the expression ’street fashion’ I’m really referring to what visitors might expect to see when they walk around Paris as opposed to ’street fashion’ that is a very specific style in the US. Given the neighborhood you choose to visit in Paris, the style will be VERY different from neighborhood to neighborhood. If you are doing a homework assignment, you might want to check out some of the past posts in Parislogue (Just key in fashion).

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