Noteworthy – Paris Notes Newsletter

Newsletters about France and particularly Paris usually leave me lukewarm, but I have to say that Paris Notes is one of the exceptions. I just finished reading David Downie’s lead story “Belly Ache” about one of the great tragedies of the seventies era, the dismantling of Paris’s Les Halles, a huge wholesale produce market district housed in Baltard’s 19th century iron girder and sky-lit halls. Will Paris’s current Mayor Delanoe be able to orchestrate an architectural miracle? The latest plan to renovate the shunned remnants of Les Halles. Downie’s article is so rich with detail and history of the entire Les Halles debacle that I’m once again reminded why I continue to subscribe to this newsletter that is NOT my budget. Counting the pages – seven plus a month’s calendar – for the whopping price of $44.00 a year – I’m saying to myself ten issues a year, seven pages, $4.40 per issue – should I renew? Then along comes Downie’s story – yeah, I guess I’m hooked.