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Just checked out France 24 online to see how they’re hitting the deck. I thought a good place to start would be checking out their coverage of Segolene Royal, who if elected, would be France’s female president. Wow. The first thing I noticed is the site which emphasized for its grand opening that it wanted to compete with CNN, BBC and Al Jazeera does in fact have English and Arabic translations of its stories – well some of them. The Segolene Royal story I found in French, but not in Engish.
Segolene promises that if she is elected the first thing she wants to do is to fight for legislation that will address domestic violence (against women). I hope this will also cover any verbally abused husbands and the occasional knife in the gut that some of my female acquaintances have served up to their unresponsive hubbies) But seriously speaking, what a breath of fresh air this could be. Not only that, but Segolene has great legs (as one of our friends who is middle to right wing mayor) in France has noted.
Segolene considers being a female a great asset – some of her detractors say (according to the France 24 bio) that she uses and abuses her femininity.
She definitely looks better in a bathing suit than Sarkozy – and that’s after bringing four kids into the world. She knows the issues that matter to the majority of the French population – family, kids, education, making ends meet.
No one seems to mind much that she and her partner (who is active in politics) have never bothered to tie the knot.
The big question is how Segolene will stand on foreign policy – if she were standing next to Hillary Clinton – that would be an awesome sight, but how about in between Jeb and Putin i.e. Poutine for any French readers? Just wondering. (PS for Engish readers. Unfortunately for Russia’s top guy Putin as it’s spelled in English doesn’t look very nice in French – so in French it’s Poutine, phonetically the same thing).
If you read French, check out Segolene’s bio: