If you read Figaro Magazine

Unlike the New York Times and most American newspapers, the ‘Sunday’ paper comes out on Saturday. Le Figaro (Saturday/Sunday) paper includes two magazines plus a separate television magazine. I am quickly becoming hooked on Le Figaro Magazine. It’s a good way to practice your French and get a handle on what’s happening in Paris.
(If you’re out of town for the weekend, you can usually pick up the entire package newspaper + magazines on Monday morning at the newstands).
So, if you do read Figaro, you’ll note on page 100 (Nov 4) that readers are invited to call up for possible invitations to the Carrousel du Louvre’s Cultural Heritage Salon from November 9 to Nov. 12th. Tel. 08 92 69 50 05 (deadline is today, Nov 7th to call and the tickets may all be gone, but it’s worth a try).
In any case, we participated in this cultural heritage salon two years ago with our friends from Lisieux and Nonant, Alain and Francis who have built a canopy bed.(www.marieantoinettecanopybeds.com) This Fall they won’t be at the heritage show, because they’re going to Dubai, but there are plenty of beautiful samples of French craftsmanship to see.