French TV ratings

According to Le Figaro (Feb 16th), CSI New York is still at the top of the charts for French television viewers. Second favorite programming for this past week was a France/Ireland rugby tournament followed in third place by a goodwill soccer game between France and Argentina.

Good police stories apparently know no boundaries – likewise, it’s interesting to note that The Departed (which I still contend will walk away with the Oscar this year) used the same plot as a Hong Kong-based cops and bad guys story. As I mentioned in a previous post, it will be interesting to see how Boston lawyers fare with a French viewership when Boston Legal jumps the pond.




Chances are, you won’t be watching much television if you’re just visiting France for a few days, but if you do catch some French TV, note that the advertising does not normally cut into every other ten minutes. Instead a whole slew of adverts are shown at the beginning and end. (Unfortunately, this civil way of advertising looks like it may take on the American lead of pummelling viewers with increasingly long adverts).

Watching French television can be good to expand your French – after a while, you’ll start to sound like a French detective.