France24 starts tonight!

If you’re around the Champs Elysees or the Tuileries tonight, check out France’s new cable television news station: France 24.
It’s been nicknamed (by the Guardian) ‘Chirac’s channel’ but I’ll be curious to see what a French ‘CNN’ has to say about world events. It’s director, Alain Pouzilhac describes the new cable news station as having three goals: present a diversity of viewpoints, create a notion of debate, and highlight French culture and art of living. This would be in contrast to his perception of Anglo Saxon news stations as appearing to present a ‘unity of perspective’, hard facts, and business news.
French CNN hopes to compete in the CNN, BBC and Al Jazeera arena(I notice that the director of France 24 did not choose to draw any comparisons between French and Arab perspectives, only French and Anglo – did the news report cut him off before he finished his complete comparison list between the major competing news stations?). France 24 will be available in French and English.