Emperors VIP Club in Paris?

Because the Emperors VIP Club supposedly operated in Paris as well as New York, London, Washington and Los Angeles, before being shut down in March, 2008, I thought it might be helpful to point out to any U.S. ‘VIPS’ that the exchange of money for sexual favors in Paris, the City of Light, is LEGAL.

Perhaps, if the former governor of New York had realized this, he would have hopped on a plane for Paris instead of Washington D.C.

According to one news report on the Emperors VIP Club, the New York-based club may have transported women to Paris, but there’s no suggestion that an Emperors VIP Club existed in Paris. Even though prostitution is legal here, ‘houses of prostitution – or clubs’ are technically illegal since 1946.


Nevertheless, French prostitutes actually pay taxes here (although their job description is not listed as being a prostitute). If this is confusing, what else would you expect? According to Wikipedia, the official policy on prostitution in France is ‘abolitionist’ meaning ‘it exists’ and ideally one day it will be eradicated. In the meantime, the whole issue is ‘murky’.

The French government has created laws that make sollicitation (including passive sollicitation – illegal) but the bottom line is that a man or woman basically can to make whatever arrangments they please behind closed doors – as long as they’re of legal age and no ‘middlemen’ are involved.

The history of prostitution in France is quite incredible, especially when you realize that King Louis IX supposedly approved brothels in the city of Paris (according to Wikipedia).
The more recent laws (making passive sollicitation illegal) have made neighborhoods such as Gaite in Montparnasse and the Pigalle district look very sedate. In the old days, houses of prostitution were referred to as Maisons de Tolerance.

Tolerance. A word that is quickly becoming extinct.

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  • Janet Dupre

    But I’ll bet rich tourists and travelling politicians might not know this fact. Also organizing a tryst with a pro might be less messy than whoring around every bar trying to pick up some stray stuff.

    The Emperors Club VIP, which rocked the political career of New York Governor Eliot Spitzer and tarnished his “Mr. Clean” image, is a call-girl business that arranged sex between wealthy men and more than 50 gorgeous prostitutes in New York, Washington, Los Angeles, Miami, London and Paris, according to U.S. federal prosecutors, and confirmed by sexy Kristen herself.

    So the question is, should prostitution be legalized, and should Spitzer have stayed on as the Democrat Governor of New York?

    From what I see on my site (I have set up a poll), most people are glad the two-faced Governor is gone. The hypocrisy displayed by Spitzer (the AG who terrorized hookers) was perhaps just a little too much to bear. After all, he was the crusading AG and Governor who promised to clean up the swamp right?

    Vote at my site – vote early and vote often!:


  • Parisgirl Post author

    The issue of legalizing prostitution is just about as complicated as the issue of euthanasia which the French government is facing today as Chantal Sebire asks to for assisted suicide. There’s the issue of ethics, religious sensibilities, and most importantly the greed factor. When there’s money to be made, how can you prevent people from profiting from selling other people’s bodies for profit? In France, the laws are on the books, but I doubt that in reality, everything falls so neatly into place. With Europe’s open borders, human trafficking a big issue.

    Hypocrisy? Who is not guilty of hypocrisy? Certainly anyone in the media who profits from the feeding frenzies cannot point fingers.

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