Welcome to the epicenter of illusion. Paris absorbs fashion and from it creates style.

Spring Street Fashion 2008

Anne Lise welcomes you at Bouygues (the cell phone company in France who’s name you’ll find the hardest to pronounce) (Bo-eeg). We recently bought a tri-band Sagem here for 1 Euro (plus a 12 month contract naturally). Photo by Chris Card Fuller ©2008 Pack your ballerina flats and your Converse […]

‘Paris Chic & Trendy’ Book Review

You can learn big things from a little book. So, I’m discovering from the second book I’ve had the pleasure to review in The Little Bookroom publisher’s Paris series: Paris Chic & Trendy by Adrienne Ribes Tiphaine with photos by Sandrine Alouf. Paris Chic and Trendy is a guidebook to […]