Tips & Tidbits

Has your experience been the same? Or totally different. Three tourists in Paris are like the three blind men describing an elephant.

Culture and Romance in Paris

Paris is one of those cities which should be visited at least once in a lifetime. On the same list I’d definitely put London, Athens, Berlin, New York, Sydney, Johannesburg and Tokyo. Why? Because each of these cities has something unique to offer its visitors and will leave a mark […]

How to Use the Paris Bus System

When the Paris Metro is such a handy way to get around the city center, it’s not surprising that so many people don’t even notice buses in Paris let alone ever bother to take one. But there are a few reasons why learning about Paris buses can be a good […]

Tipping in Paris: Rules for Restaurants, Taxis, Hotels & More

One of the questions travelers often forget to look up before they’re faced with a bill is what the tipping customs are in the place they’re visiting. Americans are used to adding a tip to pretty much every check they’re presented with, but most of us know that’s not how […]