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Paris is only a mouse click away.

If Parisians thought the I.M. Pei pyramid in front of the Louvre was bad, I can’t imagine what they’re saying about this latest development: Appleā€™s application to build a store in Paris – its first in France – has been approved, according to the French financial daily La Tribune. The […]

Apple Store to Open Underneath Paris Pyramid

Sometimes you just have to wonder about angels. This past Saturday night we were boarding an Air France flight from Bangkok to Paris and by Monday, the Suvarnabhumi International Airport was closed down due to a serious power struggle which has embroiled government members, royalists, military and has much of […]

Bangkok to Paris: Stuck at Bangkok International?

It seems incredible but you can get from Paris to Biarritz in the south of France for as little as 15 Euros on the night train. (That’s less than the price it normally costs to get from Paris to Caen during the daytime). The concept of IDNight sounds fun. Why […]

Taking the Night Train: IDNIGHT

‘To Whom do These Paintings Belong?’ is the poignant exhibition of 53 paintings ranging from works by Matisse, Monet, to Ingres and Chardin. What do all these paintings have in common? They were all confiscated from their owners by the Nazis during World War II. First exhibited in Jerusalem, the […]

Dreamed of owning a Monet? Maybe you already do. ...

Get to Deauville by taking the train from the Gare Saint Lazare Station. If you’ve booked a hotel in the Montparnasse district – this is a piece of cake! Take the St. Denis/Chatillon line #13 directly from Metro Gaite to Gare Saint Lazare (direction Saint Denis). Trains leave frequently from […]

Women’s Forum 2008 – Deauville: Taking the train?