Where do you eat in Paris?

“You know they think we’re all dips, that is, the Parisians, about the Americans.” This isn’t my comment – it’s the observation of an American recently returning to the US – an American whose observations I respect. So how shall I translate that into French? What exactly would be the accurate word for ‘dip’ in French?
To be honest I haven’t heard the expression for ‘donkey’s years’ as France would say – a French friend married to an Englishman. I guess a ‘dip’ might translate in French as being ‘abruti’ or is that too strong? Maybe not.

But in any case at this elite reunion of high school alumni, the subject naturally turns to Paris and one of the first questions is “What is your favorite restaurant?”

No question about this – it has to be Le Grand Vefour – not even talking about the food, you know this is a classy restaurant because they leave perfume J’Adore in the womens’ restroom. How classy can you get?

So, D asks me, “Well, have you tried the Grand Colbert? You wouldn’t believe the toilets in the ladies room. The toilet seat just spins around and around. I’ve never seen anything like it. My date was annoyed when I returned to the table because he said the waiter had to wait to bring out the food – but I’d never seen anything like it – spinning around and around like that….”

I realized that after several minutes of convulsing in laughter at this image – I had forgotten to ask D. what she thought of her meal at Le Grand Colbert – nor had I told her a word about the meal at Le Grand Vefour




Judging by some of the reviews I’ve perused at Fodors and Yahoo, maybe the revolving toilet seat
was the highlight of her meal . . .

Le Grand Colbert received recent notoriety for a scene in the film “Something’s Gotta Give”. Most reviewers give high marks for the brasseries traditional ‘belle epoque’ interior’ and some enjoyed their confit de canard. Others have been less kind.

Regarding Le Grand Vefour, all I can say is that I hope and pray to some day be able to dine once again at this little bit of paradise on earth where such food as lobster and truffles seems more worthy of gods and goddesses than we mortals.

Thanks D. and all you guys from ER from making me laugh so hard last night! You’re all beautiful – and no way, no how ‘dips’!

Le Grand Vefour
17, rue de Beaujolais
75001 Paris
Metro : Palais Royal
Tel : +33 (0)1 42 96 56 27
Fax : +33 (0)1 42 86 80 71
Email : [email protected]

Le Grand Colbert
4, rue Vivienne
Paris 75002 France
+33 1 4286 8788