Vegetarian Restaurants in Paris

I’m always on the look-out for good veggie restaurants in Paris – just in case my vegetarian sister if makes it back to Paris, and if she’s reading this post today, (yes, of course you will!), so to eat at TWO veggie restaurants in one day is quite amazing – for a number of reasons.

First, of all, because we never go out to eat twice in one day. But life is unpredictable, especially when you’re in Paris, and when the sun is shining in Paris, why not take advantage of the good weather? so, here’s the scoop:
Le Potager du Marais
22 Rue Rambuteau
Metro: Rambuteau
lives up to its reputation. This is good vegetarian cooking and a very friendly staff. I had seen it listed on the site: but I also noted the restaurant was listed a nifty little restaurant guide I picked up today at the FNAC bookstore on Rue de Rennes.

Les Meilleurs restos a Petits Prix by Catherine Jarrige is a good deal for 6 Euros. Its compact, so you can slip it in your pocket or handbag.




Prices range from 12 Euros to 20 Euros. The suggestions of the day, either an Indienne falafel served over spinach or a Hachi Parmentiere were both delicious. No complaints whatsoever about service, friendliness and food quality. You might find this restaurant to be a little bit pricier than Aquarius (which I’ve mentioned in past posts) Rue Gergovie. But that’s the difference between Right and Left Bank. Also, being in the Marais district, you’ll find the Potager to be a little bit cosier. Only two tables can fit on the busy sidewalk of Rue Rambuteau. We saw the Marais garbage collectors hard at work at 2 pm (they do keep very strange hours in this part of town!). The good thing about the Potager is that they serve meals non-stop so you can drop in at any time till 10:30 pm or 11 pm on Fridays and Saturdays and closed on Sundays.
Tel. 01 42 74 24 66

The second Veggie restaurant we found is closer to home (Montparnasse), but I’ll save that post for tomorrow. A demain!