Mark your Calendar: Bal Musette at Paris and L’Accordeon Diet’Tonique

Julie et Edouard at Paris Accordeon
Photo by Chris Card Fuller ©2007

If you associated Paris with accordeon music, you won’t want to miss Paris Accordeon & L’Accordeon Diet’Tonique at 80-82 Rue Daguerre: Metro: Denfert Rochereau.

Sunday, May 13th from 3 pm to 5 pm you can attend ‘a bal musette’ (just like Renoir’s painting of the Sunday afternoon tea dances). If you miss this Sunday, don’t worry, the bal-musette is a monthly occurence at Paris Accordeon.




For many years, there’s been an accordeon shop (since 1944) on Rue Daguerre, but the Diet’Tonique is a relatively new idea combining ‘wonder of wonder’ music, food and conviviality – completely reflected in proprietor, Patrick Quichaud. He took a few moments to describe some of the events: On the 22 of May, there’ll be a dinner/show. You can check the paris accordeon website for more details.

Regarding the restaurant, Patrick said that the theme changes from month to month, but the main thrust is to feature French regional cooking. Each month, a different region of France is highlighted and Virginia, the chef carefully chooses plates and wine representative of the region. When I dropped in, the theme was the Correze (home region of former President Jacques Chirac. Coming up next is the Basque region. Yummy!

I like this concept of a menu that rotates French regional specialties if you’re a Daguerrotype, you don’t have to walk far from home to visit all of France) Brilliant!