Le Dome- Simply Sublime

A year ago to the day, (November 4th, movers and shakers in the literary world) dined on oysters and sauteed scallops at Le Dome. (Read Sebastien Le Fol’s story in Le Figaro Magazine Oct. 28th issue) La Grand Magouille (which suggests that not only merit goes into the makings of a book award winner).
The object of our luncheon is much less glamorous – it’s kitchen ceiling leaks. Our ceiling leak is beginning to make little Madeleine’s hospital ceiling look like a Matisse line drawing. Ours would qualify more as a Soutine, or some lesser known pointilliste.
Whether you’re coming to the Dome to discuss literature or ceiling leaks, by the end of the meal, you’ll feel much better about the outcome.
We’ve never been disappointed by the exceedingly genteel reception. Our waiter hailed from Grandcamp, (Manche) Normandy and the banter between our other guests and the waiter covered a variety of subjects – from mushrooms to millefeuilles. He suggested trying the mouclade – mussels baked in a cream sauce with a dash of orange flower oil.
The baked oysters in porto and the daurade with a truffle risotto melted in the mouth.
The millefeuille – known as a Napoleon back in the States – would be ample enough a portion for three. You could almost convince yourself that this light cream with a flaky crust was calorie free. It isn’t. Napoleon would have been proud to have been remembered for this dessert.
We still haven’t found the source of our ceiling leak – but we’re feeling much better having a had such a good lunch.
Le Dome (Expensive! But worth it. Save your pennies and centimes.)
Metro: Vavin