Mousse au Chocolat

Photo by Chris Card Fuller ©2007
One of the ‘simplest’ and best desserts you can order while in Paris is a ‘mousse au chocolat’. It’s light but rich at the same time. No dessert better describes the essence of French living (in my humble opinion). The ingredients are minimal. Much like the knack Parisian women have for taking a basic wardrobe and adding the one twist – an offbeat necklace, crazy socks (that’s usually men’s bailiwick), or a zebra-striped glass frames to create an extraordinary impression.

Chocolate mousse takes a bar of chocolate 6 eggs, a dash of salt – and some people might add a splash of rum – but the purists don’t. Aside from the melting of the chocolate bar, no cooking is involved. You just let the eggs do their thing when you whip the eggs and yolks separately, then fold them ever so carefully back together again. Did I say mousse au chocolat was simple? Simple in concept. Not always easy in application.




Leave your eggs at room temperature before separating them. Melt your chocolate in a double boiler. Fold all the ingredients together, then leave the mousse in the refrigerator for four hours.

Where’s the best mousse au chocolat in Paris? My favorite chocolat mousse was at the Ritz – not necessarily because of the flavor – but just seeing the expression on seven-year-old Nicolas’ face when he tried his first spoonful.