Paris Destinations

Travelers in Paris need to remember that even though they’re only dealing with a city rather than trying to tackle the sights of an entire country, Paris is big and it’s absolutely full of things to see and do. So getting a handle on where things are as soon as you can is really important.

Here are some of the pages and posts on WhyGo Paris that’ll help you get your bearings in the city and figure out where each of the attractions you’re heading for is located.

  • Paris Neighborhoods – Paris is a big city, but it’s broken up into individual neighborhoods called arrondissments which, if you learn about them, make it easier to get around the city. At the very least, it pays to learn the arrondissement where you’re staying, and the best ways to get in and out of it. This page will give you an overview of Paris’ 20 arrondissements.
  • Eiffel Tower – Easily Paris’ most recognized landmark (if not one of the most recognized monuments on earth), the Eiffel Tower is on just about every tourist’s must-see list. And while it’s usually easy to locate from anywhere in the city by just scanning the horizon, this page will give you the information you’ll need to get there and enjoy a visit to the Eiffel Tower.
  • Arc de Triomphe – Another of Paris’ landmarks, the Arc de Triomphe is at the center of a massive traffic circle which you should not under any circumstances try to cross to reach the monument. Learn how to get to the center of that traffic circle without taking your life into your own hands (plus what you’ll need to do to climb to the top of the Arc de Triomphe) on this page.
  • The Louvre Museum – It’s massive, it’s monumental, and it’s a must-see, even if you’re not a major art or history buff. This guide to the Louvre, Paris’ most famous museum, will help you make the most of your visit.
  • Notre Dame Cathedral – There are lots of churches in Paris, but Notre Dame is arguably the most famous and most-visited. It’s on the Ile de la Cite, where the city of Paris began. Find out what you’ll need to know to get to and visit Notre Dame with this page.


  • Paris Catacombs – Beneath the Parisian city streets is a whole other city, only this one’s a city of the dead. It’s one of Paris’ most popular attractions, and is the final resting place of millions of former residents of the city from the 18th century.
  • Disneyland Paris – Twenty miles from Paris, you’ll find EuroDisney, AKA Disneyland Paris. It’s a really easy day-trip from the city by train or car, and there are even shuttles that can get you there directly from the airports if you’re that impatient.
  • Versailles – The palace at Versailles, 12 miles from Paris, also makes a great day-trip from the city. The chateau and gardens are exquisite (if you can forget that the residents were living in such opulence while the citizens of France were starving), and it’s one of the most popular tourist sights in the country.
  • Monet’s Garden – After you’ve taken in the beauty of Monet’s paintings in the museums in Paris, there’s no better way to appreciate what inspired him than with a visit to his garden at Giverny. It’s 50 miles from Paris, and a good option for a relaxing day-trip to escape the city. Depending on when you go, you’ll get to experience different flowers in bloom, so it’s worth multiple visits at different times of year.
  • Musee d’Orsay – After the Louvre, this is probably the second most visited museum in Paris. The Musee d’Orsay is popular for its rooms full of Impressionist masterpieces, and for its architecture (it used to be a gorgeous train station), and is well worth a visit.
  • Centre Pompidou – Modern art lovers will want to check out the collection at the Centre Pompidou, but even if you’re not into art at all there’s a fun courtyard in front of the museum that’s a hit with children (and everyone’s inner child as well) – and it’s free!
  • Musee de l’Orangerie – Monet lovers will definitely want to check out the Monet collection at the Orangerie, including the two oval-shaped rooms with giant Monet murals on the walls.
  • Weird & Wonderful Paris – Besides Paris’ best-known sights, there are also some offbeat attractions that you might want to check out… For a fun alternative to a boring museum, or just to add a little spice to your itinerary, these weird Paris sights might be just the thing.
  • Paris Museums – There are plenty more museums in Paris than just the big ones listed here, so be sure to check out this page with information about the various museums in Paris. It includes the various days each museum is closed so you can plan your visit accordingly.
  • Pere Lachaise Cemetery – Perhaps Paris’ most famous cemetery, this city of the dead is an interesting tourist attraction as much for the cool architecture of the tombs as it is for all the famous people buried there. Get a map before you head in to be sure you find all the graves you’re looking for.