PARIS GUIDES Check out all our Check out all our FREE traveling guides for Paris. (They’re PDFs, so you can print them out or take them with you in any of you mobile devices!) What to do in Paris Download guide Paris transportation guide. Train, subway, car rentals and more […]

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Airfare to Paris  To get it just click on download and begin your planning Download Every journey starts with a dream, make yours a reality! One of the good things to plan a trip to Paris is that is a popular destination between tourists, so we can make sure that […]

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Paris Transportation Guide  Going through neighborhoods can be nice to know Parisians way of life, you can walk central Paris during any season, no matter the cold or warm weather and we are telling you this city will always catch your sight. Download Every journey starts with a dream, make […]

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What to do in Paris  Having the right guidance can help you to visit the main monuments and also have extra time for other incredible places around the city of lights. Download Every journey starts with a dream, make yours a reality! What to do in Paris list: Go up […]

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When most people think of visiting Paris, the first thing they think of isn’t likely to be where they can watch a local sporting event – but for others, a trip to Paris wouldn’t be complete without taking in the French Open or watching PSG play in Ligue 1. Even […]

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When you’re on vacation, the last thing you want to have happen is that you’ll be in such a dire situation that you’d need to find the nearest embassy or consulate. Of course, sometimes bad things really do happen to good people – and that’s when (as the saying goes) […]

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Anyone planning to visit Paris needs to find out what the requirements are for traveling to France, whether you’re going as a business traveler, a student, or a pleasure traveler. This includes checking into the France visa requirements. For visits up to 90 days nationals from EU countries and passport […]