Trivia Questions

What is the name of the tree that Thomas Jefferson wanted to introduce to the United States? He noted that this tree was prevalent in southern France during his journey.

What songbird fascinated Jefferson during his trip? So much so that he wanted to bring this songbird back to the US as well.

You can find the answer to these questions in the book Thomas Jefferson’s Journey to the South of France by Roy & Alma Moore (Stewart, Tabori & Chang) New York.




This is one of the loveliest – and informative- books about France and Jefferson’s fond memories of his sojourn. It’s no easy feat to create a book that can be pretty and smart at the same time.
In his letters to friends and family members, Jefferson rhapsodizes about the Canal du Midi which also inspired authors Roy and Alma Moore to assemble this book.

The authors let Jefferson’s own words propel the reader on this trip, not only through the French countryside, but also traversing time. It’s one thing to know Jefferson as a ‘founding father’ but to meet him as a fellow traveler with his intense curiosity for the landscape, the vegetation, the architecture and the infrastructure of France (on the verge of its revolution) makes us feel like we have gone back in time ourselves.