Tracking Santa reports on Air Tran Airways new sophisticated satellite tracking system: Satellite-based Aviation Navigation Tracking Apparatus (S.A.N.T.A.)
It’s good to know that while we sleep, someone is keeping track of Santa’s progress. He may have made it to China according to this report, but something went seriously wrong in Saipan. We have received recent news alerts that a number of his deliveries went astray and some people in Saipan, in particular, Katie, have woken up with NO presents today. Just her kittens to keep her company until Santa retraces his route and makes his way to her door. We sincerely hope that the SANTA tracking system is up and running soon. Saipan should not be forgotten for Christmas.
Elsewhere around the world in airports (in particular Rochester, NY), the scene at the check in counters was hectic, but at least in Rochester, planes arrived on time.
Sadly, on the ground in Paris, the traffic jams have led to the loss of life. At least four people died in car accidents within the city limits yesterday. Let’s remember to drive carefully and with patience wherever you may find yourself in the world today.