RTW Starting in Paris

This entry is dedicated to Parisians heading to the US, in particular, Eric and Lila, who should be somewhere in Yellowstone National Park at this very moment.
Chris and I left Paris in November with our Star Alliance RTW paper tickets firmly in hand – you don’t want to lose this piece of paper- we were headed for Thanksgiving dinner in Rochester, New York, via Washington D.C.

It is now July. Chris and I have had about enough snow to last a lifetime, but Chris says that there’s no time better to experience city streets than during a snowstorm – this isn’t something you can do in Paris so often. Not many of the Parisians heading stateside this summer will have the opportunity to visit Rochester (which I’ve designated as one of Paris’s spiritual sister cities) but if you should happen to find yourself in the IMAGE center of America, don’t miss George Eastman House one of the world’s major photograph and film archives.
Like Paris, you can find outdoor cafes in the much smaller scale student quarter called Park Avenue. You can meet Roxanne, owner of the Oxford and Park Deli. She’ll create one of her signature pastrami and egg sandwiches for you and you are officially initated into America’s deli culture.
Jines Restaurant is another landmark on Park Avenue for outdoor cafe dining and if you’re looking for something a little more exotic, you need to head toward Sinbads for Eastern Mediterranean pitza (pizza on pitta bread).
Then you’ve got to check out the Little Theater for great flicks including DRIVERS WANTED a documentary about pizza delivery drivers – which was filmed in Rochester.
The crazy thing about this city is that all sorts of amazing things happen here (that most people never hear about – or would believe) and celebrities can show up in the strangest places i.e.
Cher at Lickety Splits Ice Cream where SHE volunteered to serve up scoops – Maurice Chevalier- (of Gigi and the Merry Widow fame)eating a hamburger at the White Tower (back in the fifties).
It’s almost possible for celebrities to remain anonymous in this city (because nobody can believe they’d be here in the first place) but they do come for many reasons including a top recording studio. In the old days, this was the city where jazz musicians had to come to get their head start – it’s the hometown of recently deceased American composer David Diamond – who studied with Nadia Boulanger. There aren’t enough pages to delve into all the little pockets of cultural treasures . . . the reportedly oldest municipal Victorian cemetery in the USA . . . home to Frederick Douglas and Susan B. Anthony.
The recently established ferry service between Rochester and Toronto may open up this sleepy city to the outside world – but for the moment we are still wandering around in this traffic free time warp. Discover Rochester before it becomes jaded.