Puppy Love

Today’s Le Figaro newspaper reports that a woman was arrested in Marbache (Meurthe et Moselle) for housing 349 dogs in a 100 square meter room. She was sentenced to four months in prison. The dogs were well fed, but living in squalor.
My question is, what happens to the 349 dogs while this woman is under arrest? They will undoubtedly be packed off to the dog pound. Most dog pounds in France will only keep the dogs for seven to ten days. So if you’re looking for a companion of the canine persuasion while in France, contact your local ASPCA or ‘refuge’ rather than buying a dog. SPA (society Protectrice des Animaux)http://www.spa.asso.fr/ There are plenty of cats and dogs looking for homes in France. Just make sure you have enough room for your dog, you and the other 348 dogs who already depend on you for their struggle to survive.