President Jacque Chirac’s Revolution

“The planet is suffering!” says President Chirac. We’ve got to have a revolution, according to France’s President Jacques Chirac – that is, a revolution of consciousness in regards to the environment, our planet Earth.
“We can no longer be the masters and proprietors of the Earth” It’s time to evolve and create a more harmonious rapport, he suggests.

On this subject – he calls for no less than a world governance (or if you want to take that one step further – environmental world government. “We have a world heritage” and here again – he’s referring to our environmental heritage.

If you want to check out the entire speech, it’s posted on today’s “Le Figaro” (in French of course). He stresses the urgency of the need to address issues like global warming.




Meanwhile as if on cue, tornados ripped through Florida’s interior. Newscasters here the U.S. were quick to emphasize that these are ‘typical’ of El Nino conditions (not to be confused with any such terms as global warming). What? El Nino again. Boy that seven years really did slip by in a flash.

Whatever France or the rest of the countries attending this conference intend to to when they plan their agenda for the coming years, turning the lights out on the Eiffel Tower for five minutes isn’t going to be the solution. But it’s better than nothing. Barely.