Parisians in Normandy: Cool in Caen

Photo by Chris Card Fuller ©2007

Paris is a very beautiful city, but Parisians are too stressed out. They’re impatient. People are way more ‘cool’ in Caen. So says Charlotte, who is studying for her ‘bac’ in Caen. The ‘bac’ if you’re not yet familiar with the French education system is in some ways similar to SAT exams in the States. How well one does on one’s ‘bac’ determines whether or not one will continue one’s academic career past high school.

Because Charlotte is seventeen years old, and has spent a number of years growing up in the Parisian Metropolitan area, I was eager to get her perspective about Paris life. Her screensaver features her ‘potes’ or her high school pals. And in fact, her school pals look ‘very cool’ (they all happen to be in Caen, Normandy).

Charlotte tells me she hopes to become a dietition when she finishes her studies (she has already started an internship at the local hospital).




“Why do you want to become a dietition?|”
“I want to help people who have weight problems.”

When Charlotte isn’t studying for her ‘bac’, she likes to work out at the gym, either working with weights or attending aerobics classes. Her favorite music is R&B, but she listens to most popular music. She admits she has no favorite movie star idols. What she likes best is chatting with her friends on the net.

She’d like to travel, and Morrocco is the first on her list of places to visit.

I asked if she was interested in politics.
“Yes, but I’m too young to vote.”
“Who would you have voted for if you had a chance to vote, and why?”
“I would have voted for Sarkozy because he knows what he wants and he dares to say what he thinks.”