Paris-Strasbourg by Train

SNCF has just begun its new high speed train service from Paris to Strasbourg. Although the actual TGF (tres grand vitesse) won’t be operating at top speed immediately, the new train wagons are in use.
If you haven’t been to Strasbourg yet, this is just one good more reason to go. With its canals and its incredible rose-colored cathedral, Strasbourg has become one of our favorite cities. This is your jump off place for Alsatian wine tasting.

For a more information about time schedules and booking tickets you can visit


2 thoughts on “Paris-Strasbourg by Train

  • Alexander Priven

    No information about WHERE TO TAKE TRAIN found. Also, HOW TO COME THERE FROM AIRPORT? Also, WHAT\’S THE SCHEDULE? No useful information…

  • parisgirl

    Thank you Alexander! You are so right. It really helps to have the useful details at your fingertips. You’ll note the link has been added. I try not to copy information that can be found on other sites (but prefer to link for easy access for parislogue readers. Keep posting when you see a need for more info. Happy train travel!

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