Olympic Trivia from Rarotonga

Did you know that the modern Olympic games were revived thanks primarily to the efforts of Baron de Coubertin? According to the Rarotonga, Cook Island’s post office flyer:
“Coubertin was educated in France at a military academy, but soon retired to from military life and devoted his time to promoting sports, believing that the poor showing of his country int the Franco-Prussian War was the reflection on the indifference of the French universities to sports.”

“De Coubertin promoted Athens for teh first modern Games, despite the fact there was no major stadium there. The first games took place in 1896. The second Games were awarded to Paris, but found indifference to the idea as they were considered a sidetrack and boring.”
If you’re wondering why the Rarotonga, Cook Islands post office is interested in the history of the Olympics, they’re issuing a new stamp honoring International Gold Medal winners:
Philatelic Burea Post Office
Rarotonga, Cook Islands
For $20NZ or $13.70 U.S. you can order some stamps
but the best part is getting on the post office’s mailing list and you get stamps automatically simply when they send you a mailing.