Monet’s Garden -beautiful in fall

Although Monet’s garden is closed as of November 1st, perhaps one of the best times to visit this garden is in early fall – if you are planning a trip to France, keep in mind that the garden stays open until the last day of October. By the end of October, the crowd diminishes. The colors are brighter than ever in the autumn light.
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3 thoughts on “Monet’s Garden -beautiful in fall

  • Kate

    I have been to Monet’s Garden in the fall, and it was one of the highlights of my trip to Paris and the environs.

  • parisgirl

    Thanks Tiffany for your comment. I checked out the site. It looks like a nice trip. Early September might be less crowded than August (and in the last 2 years September has been unseasonably warm). The gardens themselves are not that big. You can walk through in a short time, but most people find a favorite spot to linger and soak in the serene beauty of the flowers. Don’t forget your camera! Sounds like the bike tour will allow you to see some parts of Giverny that most people miss including Monet’s grave at the church. Let us know what you think of the tour.

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