Maybe those UFOS were Flying Bells?

First, before doing anything, take a minute to visit this amazing site. I was looking for an image of flying bells and found

One of the best things about traveling is learning about different traditions in different countries. Today I received Easter greetings from Michel, Jeanne and family. They mentioned the flying bells.

Little did I know that flying bells, not rabbits leave chocolate treats for children in France. Fortunately there’s a good site called French Friends that explained this tradition in detail. (Don’t miss the Soccer Photos posted under ‘Humor’!) If you’ve been in France (especially in small villages, you may have noticed that the church bells stopped ringing as of the past Thursday night and they didn’t start again until Easter Sunday. Parents tell their kids that the bell chimes have flown to Rome – and when they come back again from Rome, they come with treats.




Somehow this makes just as much sense as rabbits – and I never did understand how rabbits fit into the Easter story – but my sister and I both agreed today that the Easter rabbit was always a lot more fun than ole St. Nick.

So, here’s my question, once the French aeronautics agency (CNES) has filtered out all the UFO (or OVNI) calls that were really just flying chimes headed back from Rome, how many OVNI’s are left?

This is the math question for the day.
Happy Easter.

(And I completely forgot to wish a Happy Poisson d’Avril, for the April 1st). That’s okay. You can still continue to eat chocolate fish for a few days.)