In the Spirit of Holiday Giving- why I am stingy!

You may have heard about some of the scandals back in the eighties about rock concerts staged to feed the world – and the money ended up – well who knows where?
In the nineties, around Trocadero, a lot of canvassing was done in the Metro to help feed people starving in some country in Africa – but it was never really clear – where? I always wanted to go with one of these people collecting the money in Paris, and follow the ‘food chain’ to the very end – and see who really was saved from starvation.
I am very skeptical of large organizations and for this reason rarely give. Then Chris and I were in Kampala Uganda and I was able to meet some people face to face. That is how we try to help out a little bit when we can – person to person. In France, this is how people tend to do it , particularly with Doctors without Frontiers. We have spoken to several people who have actually flown to Mali, or other west African countries, bringing medicine and medical supplies that they paid for themselves, or helped raise the money to do so – this is a huge committment. If you really want to be generous, you can’t just throw money at people – it demands time and sacrifice. Giving is not writing out a check.