Highlights of 2006

The end of the year is the time one remembers the best moments, in particular the places to which one has traveled – and wants to go back again as soon as possible. When in France, one’s heart and palate gravitates toward wine producing areas:
This past summer we spent five days in Alsace – and if you haven’t explored that region of France, put it on your calendar for 20007! We started off in Strasbourg, stayed at bed and breakfasts (that conveniently happened to be wine producers as well. The people who live in Alsace say ‘Why travel when we already live in the best place in the world?” Some might disagree, but when you’re actually in Alsace, it is hard to imagine wanting to be anywhere else in the world in that moment in time, so if you do go, don’t surprised if you have an inkling for return visits.
In a nutshull, I’d describe Alsace as Switzerland on flower-fabricated Ecstasy. When you see the fierce competition between towns to ensure that every flower box is brimming with geraniums you wonder why Miracle Gro doesn’t come here to do their advertising. A house with out the expected brimming flower pots receives the frowns of neighbors.
There is nothing pretentious about Alsatian wines, they’re as flowery and free flowing as a gauzy skirt and a lace parasol.