Fitness Motivation from Rochester

How do you stay physically fit in Paris, Not the City of Lite? Every time I return to Paris, I start off with good intentions. I WILL walk across the street to the Montparnasse indoor swimming pool, but Paris offers many distractions. But then there’s always Downtown Fitness Club’s motivational e-mails.

Downtown Fitness Club is physically located in Rochester, New York but it’s motivational e-mails thanks to fitness director, John Hutchings are global.
In the past twenty years, I’ve joined health clubs in New York City, Boca Raton, Florida, and Paris. They’re all pretty much the same. Unless you find motivators, you had better be a self-motivator.
I’m not.
So, even though I’m only in Rochester for short periods of time, Downtown Fitness follows me around the world via e-mail.
If any of you readers have found fitness centers in Paris that you have found to be out of the ordinary, LET ME KNOW!