Don’t be shy!

Maybe you’ve enjoyed reading Paris Logue but have never bothered to post a comment. Maybe English isn’t your first language and you don’t want to make spelling errors (don’t worry about that – you’ve noticed that I do on occasion). This is not the typical site where your comments go unnoticed. It is true that not all comments get posted but most of them do. But most importantly if you have some valuable advice or opinions to share with other readers, this is your place to speak your mind on any subject that somehow connects to Paris. Paris is a state of mind just as much as being an actual geographic location so you can think in philosophical terms as well as physically ‘being there’.
If you are physically in Paris, so much the better! Let us know where you are and what’s happening.
Posting is easy. Just fill in the blanks including the blank where you get to decipher all the squiggly characters. If you fail to do this correctly the first time, you get a second chance with another brand new set of squiggly characters. Isn’t it amazing? There is still something that differentiates we humans from machines?