Dead Gorilla on the Champs Elysees

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What if there were only 750 Homosapiens on the planet aka animals like you and me that like to hang out on the Champs Elysees? Back in the 70s, this already dead movie star “King Kong” made a comeback on the Champs that Elvis could envy – there he was – bigger than life. Stretched out like some trophy.

The AP reports today from Dakar “rebels in eastern Congo have killed and eaten two silverback mountain gorillas” There are lowland gorillas in other parts of Africa, but the mountain gorilla lives only in the highlands of Uganda, Congo and Rwanda. Right now the Virunga park and reserve which straddles Rwanda and Congo is the area at greatest risk from poachers.




Whether the gorillas were eaten because they just happened to be the easiest thing to catch at the time, or whether some mystical powers were hoped to be gained by eating the silverbacks which can weigh up to 400 pounds will be irrelevant trivia once the mountain gorillas are wiped off the face of the earth – put yourself in their shoes.

What if you were just strolling down the Champs Elysees one day, an innocent bystander, hanging out, watching the girls, and somebody comes along, looks at your 400 lb frame and says, “Hmm, tasty.”
King Kong at least got some notoriety. He had the girl for a while. He had sequels and remakes.
The mountain gorillas have no agents in Hollywood – they have no lobby in Washington – they don’t even have guns. Maybe the NRA will consider sending someone to train them to shoot.

Unless you are one of that elite group of mercenaries that has joined the mission to rid the world of poachers, the next best thing you can do is book an African adventure trip to see the mountain gorillas in their habitat before they are no longer with us.
Check out Bwindi National Park. Due to the unrest in neighboring Congo and Rwanda, the Uganda government has tried to keep a military presence to protect the mountain gorillas and visiting homosapiens as well.
Want to know more about the experience of seeing gorillas on their home turf? Read Gorillas in our Midst.
© 2007 Chris Card Fuller All rights reserved.