Day 3 of the First 100 Days

So, yes, this is just to confirm yesterday’s post (Day 2), Nicolas Sarkozy’s Defense Minister, Herve Morin, did stop by for an aperatif and un tres gentil ‘bonjour’ a tout le monde at the Musee du Landau stand (or the Baby Carriage Museum of St. Aubin-de-Scellon) yesterday in Bernay, Dept. de l’Eure. Minisiter Morin maintains his role as Deputy-Maire of Epaigne, Eure. According to Le Pays d’Auge newspaper, Minister Morin was born in Pont Audemer (the ‘Venice of Normandy). He was quoted in the Pays D’Auge as saying that he would continue to maintain a direct link with his region. He is the son of a mason and grandson of a farmer – the family is rooted in the ‘terroir

A Parade of Old Cars. Bernay’s Car show featured many American cars as well as French, Cadillacs, Continentals, Mustangs and Corvettes were lined up side by side.
Florence Espaldet, President of the Association du Musee du Landau.
We have a picnic ‘a la bonne franquette’.
And what would a Norman picnic be without some Norman cheese?

So, how fitting it is that the day before the formal announcements of Nicolas Sarkozy’s ministers that M. Morin should be in Bernay for a typical festival – a show featuring antique cars, and also baby carriages under the heading of ‘Tout ce qui roule – or everything that rolls!. It is a good reminder that far from the red carpets and the gilded rechampi of the Elysee Palace – the heart and soul of France remains well rooted in the land and all the riches that it shares.
From the Musee du Landau Baby Carriage Collection, St. Aubin de Scellon
The Musee du Landau or the Baby Carriage Museum is the only museum devoted entirely to baby carriages in France.




We feel particularly fortunate to be here on this occasion .