Beverly Hills Cops a la Francaise

Tonight 32 of France’s finest will participate in the Golden Globe Awards‘ police security as part of a ten-day police training session according to LA Times Jan. 9th story by LA staff writer Bob Pool.
LA-based Paris-Logue reader ‘Research Girl’ brought this to my attention.

According to Pool’s article, French policemen have had the opportunity to compare notes with their LA counterparts. They were surprised that LA cops do not always travel in pairs which is the normal procedure in France.

Is real life in law enforcement better reflected by the Lone Ranger image – or Beverly Hills Cop?




This is not the first time I’ve come across this comment regarding the ‘buddy system’. While attending an air show in Nancy a few years ago, a French aviator who flew missions during the conflict in Bosnia also expressed surprise at the American reconnaissance – ‘you fly one plane in after another. We always fly in pairs’ The aviator with whom I spoke expressed dismay that the US air force hadn’t taken advantage of French fliers for more missions.

Pool’s LA story underlines the LAPD and French police force’s spirit of cooperation and exchange of expertise on issues like crowd control and riot procedures. Crowd control expertise will definitely come in handy for tonight’s events as fans try to catch a glimpse of their favorites.

What impressions will French policemen take home with them re the LAPD and their sojourn in Los Angeles? Will it have been anything like Beverly Hills Cops?