Bar-Isis, Isis Bar?

If Paris has a Buddha Bar, why doesn’t it have an Isis Bar? Especially if the city’s name may even originate from Bar-Isis. Maybe London’s Isis Bar will have to consider jumping across the channel.

After reading the review posted on, I was tempted to hop on the Eurostar and check it out, but I’ll wait until Isis makes her way back to the Seine where she belongs.

How would you describe the ideal bar? My description of the ideal bar would be a place where bartenders made you feel as if you had been coming there for years. Beers would not cost more than 1.50 Euros.
Wine by the glass would be served always at the right temperature.




You’d be sure to have at least one good conversation during the evening. And the music? And there’s the rub. What is the best ambiance music for barflys? Guess it would have to be the blues.

As for World’s Best Bars take on the Paris bar scene, it’s amazing to see how one of Paris’s very chic bars Hotel Costes tallies up to bars like Cabaret. Cabaret definitely appears to be getting higher marks from customers for friendlier staff. Read enough of the comments by recent visitors and you’ll feel like you’ve already seen enough, and heard enough for one night.

The Isis Bar will be different. Everyone will want to come back.
If you are thinking of opening a bar in Paris, this is the key to success: people need to come back. A good bar doesn’t need models and it doesn’t need ‘People’. What does a good bar need? Staff with class and panache.
It’s all about the people behind the bar – not sitting on the barstools. A good bartender is like a conductor.