Unusual Hotels in Paris

You will definitely want to check out Anthony Grant’s article on www.France24.com news. The story Paris Undercover highlights among other choice clues to maximizing your Paris visit – a hotel that is nestled in a hospital – the Hotel Dieu hospital which sits right opposite Notre Dame. You couldn’t ask for a better location. Be sure to check out his story for some other handy tips as well.

Hotel Dieu is a nice place to stop in – even if you aren’t sick. Behind the main entrance there’s an enclosed garden. Sometimes when I’m visiting the cathedral – I stop in just to get away from the crowds. Now that I know about the hotel – I might even suggest it to friends as an unusual place to stay. Thanks Anthony Grant for sharing your secret store of Paris Undercover!


2 thoughts on “Unusual Hotels in Paris

  • researchgirl

    yes, we certainly do remember the emergency hospital at Hotel Dieu, but with actually somewhat fond memories….it was such a beautiful place that even though we were visiting it at night (with an eye problem!) it was intriguing…and the staff was both efficient and kind…it could be a very reassuring place to stay in!

  • parisgirl

    As I remember you landed at the front steps of the Hotel Dieu around midnight. Notre Dame and Ile de la Cite – has a whole different aspect when the tour buses are long gone.

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