Parisians stay at Paris Hotels Too!

When Marinette and Bernard had the apartment repainted in Neuilly this Fall, they decided to stay at a hotel recommended as a ‘hotel du charme’ and take a mini-vacation at Le Jardin de Neuillly at 5 Rue Deroulede.
But it wasn’t charming. It was dusty. “Maybe it was because they only had one room left. The hotel was booked and we had decided to do this on the spur of the moment. If we were disappointed, I wondered how foreign visitors would react. It wasn’t inexpensive although it was a 3-star hotel. We wouldn’t recommend it to our friends.”
In fact, when friends do come to visit, they usually stay at a 2-star hotel Le Charlemagne at 1 Rue Charcot.
It’s clean and simple, but correct.
Correct is the word French people usually choose when a hotel or restaurant meets all the basic requirements of either providing clean lodging a putting a wholesome meal on the table with no frills.