Naughty Girls’ Paris: Mark this on your calendar!

“The exotic Joyzelle!” – said to be “the most sensational bacchanalian revel scene ever filmed” Cecil B. DeMille’s “The Sign of the Cross” (1932).

April 4th you can meet with journalist and fellow blogger Heather Stimmler Hall to learn about what Paris has to offer for naughty girls – (it’s sure to be more than just sticks and stones – although when it comes to old stones and bones – Paris has plenty of them).

This event is sponsored by Context Paris’s ‘Out of Context’ series of lectures and events that have been designed for true Paris-ophiles or for the traveler looking for something unique and off the tourist track.

The 1 1/2 hour ‘salon event’ will be held in a private home in Montmartre. The cost is 35 Euros with refreshments included.




Stimmler Hall’s book project discussion will include an intro to some of the bawdier parts of Paris – exploring sex boutiques – and more…
Even if you don’t make it to the salon gathering on April 4th, you definitely should take a look at both Heather Stimmler-Hall’s website:
Secrets of Paris as well as Context Paris.

Both websites offer hotel listings, a calendar of events that would be of interest to visitors eager to capture the essence of Paris. I really like Ms. Stimmler-Hall’s usurpation of La Joconde’s picture frame for her autoportrait (but I still think that James Spader makes the better Mona -see my post on Boston Legal).

You’ll appreciate the fact that Stimmler-Hall’s site is about as commercial free as you’re apt to find on any Paris site and that she maintains a journalist’s unbiased vision. A good role model for us fellow bloggers!

Context Paris is worth a visit especially if you have a short time in Paris and want someone to ‘take you in hand’ for a personal tour. At first glance the guided tours may seem pricey – you know that you’ll return home with a better understanding of the city. Although I have not yet taken one of their tours, I have taken a Paris Walks tour which I found very useful in getting to know parts of my own neighborhood – Montparnasse.

In planning your trip – if you do enjoy walking – find a good walking guide and your visit to Paris is sure to be enriched.