More Hotels in the Montparnasse district

Villa Luxembourg – 121 Blvd. Montparnasse Metro: Vavin, 14eme- Last night we stopped off to visit friends who were staying at this hotel. The location is good if you want to be in the Montparnasse area. You can find less expensive hotels certainly, but priced starting at 135 Euros, 145 Euros and topping at 330 Euros, you can expect contemporary interior design, air conditioning, windows that shut out the traffic noise from the boulevard, a safe and mini-bar. I liked the stream-lined design and wood paneling in the hallways. (It reminded me of a cruise ship – which is funny because we met Joan and Bill on a cruise). What you don’t get (like most cruise cabins) is much more space than you’re likely to find in a good 3-star hotel. Joan and Bill found Villa Luxembourg over the internet. They like the location and they’re satisfied with the hotel, but tomorrow night they’ll be staying at the Modigliani, 13 Rue Delambre, Metro: Vavin. The Modigliani is a 3-star hotel rather than 4-star like Villa Luxembourg, but after visiting the hotel lobby and one of the rooms for a sneak preview, it’s hard to understand how one of these hotels rates four stars and the other three. The interior furnishings are very similar in quality, and chosen with great taste. The size of the rooms appears to be similar. Joan and Bill’s room at the Villa Luxembourg had a small hot plate and refrigerator included, but no table for dining. The good news is that for the same quality level you can stay at the Modigliani for a little bit less. Rooms are available on average at 146 Euros. The least expensive room (for one person) is listed at 114 Euros. I’m eager to hear what Joan and Bill have to say about their experience staying at the Modigliani. Needless to say, being on Rue Delambre is a great location – in the thick of Montparnasse activity, but the fact that the Modigliani is tucked away in a cozy courtyard with a fountain and a terrace for drinks in the good weather makes it the suggests peace and quiet. This hotel has plenty of attributes regarding location. Let’s see if the desk clerks are as nice as their surroundings. Even before our friends have checked in, one of the desk clerks took some time out to show us one of the rooms. Judging by some of the reviews that I’ve read on other site locations, the Modigliani has received rich praise.