Hotel Advice from Thackery

For as long as tourists have been visiting Paris, writers far more talented than this blogger have been giving advice about how to pick out a good hotel – what is truly amazing though, when you’re talking about Paris, some of these hotels are still in business. Which means that they must have been doing something right for the past hundred years or more.

Thackery gives some advice for fresh arrivals regarding the Hotel Meurice on Rue de Rivoli. He suggests that upon arrival when you’re surrounded by touts approaching you with phrases in broken English, ignore them, announce in a loud voice, “Le Meurice!” and a driver will appear who will take you straight to the hotel.

Don’t try this in the middle of the Charles de Gaulle airport lobby – it probably won’t work, yet practically every cab driver would know the Hotel Meurice just as well as they know the Ritz, the Crillon and the Athenee.




Thackery mentioned the Meurice in “The Paris Sketch Book” which he wrote in 1840. The Meurice has gone through various eras in French history in different guises – sadly during World War II it was headquarters for the German occupation.
But it has brilliantly shaken off its more dreary past – and in recent years has garnered three Michelin stars for its restaurant. You can check out more about Le Meurice’s Michelin star winning chef on their site.

Although we haven’t stayed at the Meurice – we have met friends for drinks in the bar/salon – the perfect setting to start off your Paris night prowling – or comfortable enough to stay put and while the evening away with drinks and appetizers.

Meanwhile, we’ll be saving our pennies to try out the Meurice’s restaurant.