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Winter in Paris

While summer in Paris is certainly when you will see the hoards of tourists descending upon the city, there are songs written about springtime in Paris and autumn in Paris has long been one of my very favorite seasons in the City of Lights, there is just something magical about […]

Nuit Blanche in Paris

Nuit Blanche, which translates as literally as “white night” and is an expression for all-nighter, is an annual arts festival that takes place from sunset until sunrise on the first Saturday and Sunday of October. Museums , private and public art galleries, pools, cafes, theaters, libraries and other cultural institutions […]

Why I love Paris: Jennifer Greco gives you 10 ways to fall in love with the city in photos

My love affair with Paris began when I was 15 years old. I had an unforgettable high school French teacher who rounded out her lessons of the complexities of the French language by seducing us with stories about the food and culture of France, and of course, Paris. During one […]

New Year’s Eve in Paris

Even with all the pomp and celebrations surrounding Christmas in France, the French always have enough steam to carry on with boisterous celebrations through the New Year. Christmas in Paris is actually one of my very favorite times of the year in the City of Lights. It’s a time when […]

Best Paris Blogs: travel advice, ex-pat, food and photos

The internet is an immense and valuable resource that can help you find the answers to virtually any Paris and France travel-related question from “where can I find the best duck confit in Paris,” to train times for your day-trip to Monet’s gardens at Giverny. Whether you are looking for […]