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Flying to Paris? Pack your Neti Pot and Face Mask

My doctor said recently she doesn’t go on vacation without her face mask handy for long flights. She is a very cool doctor – and she would still look very cool even with a face mask. A translatlantic flight from New York to Paris will give you a minimum of […]

Dior and Led Zeppelin?

Just finished watching the Dior fashion clip (thanks again, to Madame Figaro) France’s newspaper for those of us that don’t have ‘fashion connections’. And although I found the Dior designs to be fascinating – what do they have to do with Led Zeppelin? Tell me I’m not hallucinating here – […]

CDG Airport – Europe’s Second Worst Airport?

In a recent IHT article “Congestion and Other Terminal Illnesses – Europe’s Worst Airports” (Jan 13), sky warriors including writer Elisabeth Rosenthal awarded 2nd place for Europe’s worst airport to Paris’s international airport, Charles de Gaulle aka CDG. Given the number of times I’ve bad-mouthed this airport in the past, […]

Star Gazing: Best Actress Academy Award for Marion Cotillard?

La Vie en Rose or ‘La Mome’, Oliver Dahan’s film about the life of French singer Edith Piaf was released on Februray 14, 2007 in France. The amount of energy packed into Marion Cotillard’s performance is positively nuclear. Rolling Stone’s review called it a performance for the ages. Sometimes a […]